Welcome on summer camp in Kalmar!

Application Scout group

The final submission for participating in Vasalägret 2020 will open March 1st and close April 26. The camp committee chose to open the final submission later than planned to make sure all the scout groups will have plenty of time to collect the submissions from the scouts during the submission period.
The reason for this decision is that the camp has recieved more submissions of interest than we will be able to accommondate. Scout groups from Dacke scout district will be prioritized if they send their final submission before April 26. After that date, Dacke will not have priority. International scout groups will also be prioritized.
We do not accept any final submissions before March 1st.


The payment is made for the whole scout team. Please add the name of the scout team on the payment.
Here are the details for international payment:
IBAN: SE27 6000 0000 0005 0477 2341
Currency: SEK
The payment should be done when the final submission is sent.


Full week Explorers (10-11 år) and above: 1300 SEK
Half week Trackers (8-9 år): 800 SEK
Kids of leaders from the age of 2 and above (which do not participate in activities): 50 SEK per day + 50 SEK for t-shirt.

Last submission

Submission after April 26 can not be guaranteed. Priority for international scout teams is not valid after April 26.

Travel to and from Kalmar

In the Excel-file, there is space to state the planned method of travel to Kalmar. More information regarding details on possible modes of travelling to and from the camp site and how to check in and out of the camp will be stated in the next camp letter.

Scout teams that choose to travel by air to Kalmar will be offered bus transport from Kalmar airport. This has to be notified to forlaggning@vasa2020.se. Please include information regarding time of arrival, number of scouts and name of scout group.

Parking spaces near the camp area are very limited.

Suggestions of how to travel to Kalmar:
1. By air to Kastrup/Copenhagen, then by Öresundståg (train) to Kalmar central station.
2. By air to Arlanda/Stockholm, then by air to Kalmar airport.


The camp site of Vasalägret 2020 will be at Stensö, which is located in southern Kalmar.
1989 was the last Scout camp at this place and was then Sweden’s largest Scout camp with both Swedish and foreign scouts.

About Stensö

Stensö is one of Kalmar’s most visited recreation areas. In the northern part of Stensö there is a campsite, a larger swimming area and miniature golf courses.
The area has been used as pasture for several hundred years. When the bait was more extensive, the peninsula had a more open character, with sparse oak forest and dry meadows with a shrub. Nowadays, most of the Stensö is covered by forest, but a fårhage is found on the west side. The largest part of the Stensö is covered by oak forest, with birch and aspen.

Images in the camp area




The Bathing place

Map over Stensö